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Monday, 24 September 2007

Topic: Business Practices
It has come to my attention that apparently I am only dealing with the 15% of the business population that are not mature or do not conduct business fairly. I shouldn't let those ruin it for the rest. At this time I find myself slightly disturbed by this small percentage as it seems to make up at least a small portion of the companies I deal with. So what do I do? Look for other companies and keep plugging away and try not to be bothered by thier lack of immaturity or thier inability to take responsibility for thier actions and move on. I try to pick my battles carefully. Somtimes it's just easier to give in even though I may be right. I guess It's all a matter of persepctive, somewhere in the midddle is the truth and you can't make everyone happy.

Posted by eclipsgraphics at 9:30 AM EDT

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